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What's with all the seriosity?

Is that a word?

22 April 1989
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11:11, against me, backwoods dylan, backwoods raviv, backwoodsmiley, backwoodsnickb, being 15, being 16, being 17, being 18, being 19, being a bitch, bertuccis, bitches behind me, black guys, black ink, boston not la, boston pride, charlie scene's weenie, citric acid intolerance, crying over baseball, cunt on my toe, da kurlzz, deuce, dolphin rape, drinking beer with skelly, dylan and the-weird-one, dylan sprouse, dyley, eating cheese, editing my interests, embarrased of my last.fm, fucking red sox okay, funny man, hollywood undead, honestly, idk my bff skelly, ignoring my journal forever, kelly mckellkell, making black bffs in-line-for-concerts, meeting famous people, nick braun, no the actual color, not being 20, purple things okay!, saying okay! all-the-time, signed ticket stubs, skelly's okay i guess, slapping ugly mugs, snarky mcsnarkster, spontaneous tattoos, stealing dannah's dog, tagging properly, the clique, the color purple, the diary, the distillers, ticonderoga pencils, tilly and the wall, tom gabel, tom gabel's blog, upfront and confrontational, when skelly is home